About Me

Hi! I’m Kinna, and I’m a serial crafter. I love to sew, embroider, and decorate garments through a variety of methods. I was introduced to sewing as a child as my mother and several family members sewed. I learned how to sew by hand back then but wasn’t really interested in making clothes because I wanted to shop! However, I spent lots of time in the fabric store with my mother on Saturdays and loved to peruse the patterns.

The purchase of my first sewing machine in 2010 was driven by the frustration of paying ridiculous prices to have dress pants altered. That particular sewing machine was not beginner friendly, in my opinion, so it quickly found itself in the back of my guest room closet. Then in 2013, an injury (and subsequent surgery) prevented me from running. Running was my therapy. It was my time to zone out from the world and focus on myself. Not having that outlet created a void that I needed to fill quickly! I found a local sewing studio and decided to sign up for classes. I made a jewelry bag and pillowcase that first weekend and over a few more sessions learned to draft and sew a skirt. I was hooked! I ordered a sewing machine similar to the ones I used at the studio and the rest is history.

While I don't sew for others, I do offer items I've decorated in my online store. I hope you find something you’ll love to wear repeatedly. My goal is to offer beautiful, quality items while providing stellar customer service. Happy shopping!