Welcome February: The Month of Love!

Welcome February: The Month of Love!

Hi! Today is February 1st and I cannot believe how quickly January went by. I spent the month trying to reset for the year while creating new designs for my website and Etsy shop as well as trying to stay warm as we suffered through super cold weather and snow here in Maryland. The weather is a little better to start the new and for that I’m thankful!

Even though February is the shortest month of the year, there always seems to be a lot going on! There are several popular holidays like Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day and President’s Day. It is Black History Month and Heart Month. The final and biggest NFL football game of the year is this month as well. And, this year is leap year so we get that 29th day of the month.

Whether you’re celebrating or observing any of these holidays or events, I hope you have a great month. Productive. Fun. Stress free. Whatever your heart desires. I plan to sew, learn a new thing, get outside more now that temperatures are less disrespectful and enjoy time with family and friends.

New products are now available on the site and a few more will be released this week. In February, we wear red, and most of the products have a red option. You'll find hearts for Valentine's Day, designs to observe Black History Month and heart health awareness. As always, orders ship free within the U.S.

Thanks for stopping by and reading the blog. I hope you'll take a moment to shop for the perfect gift for someone you love.

Have a great day on purpose!


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